History & interesting facts.

The house of the new delicatessen on the Neuer Markt in 1010 Vienna has a long tradition as an inn. As early as the 16th century, it was called “Zum rote Dachel” because of the small red roof above the entrance gate. A little later, in the 17th century, this resulted in the famous “roof cellar”. One of the oldest beer taverns in Vienna, but in addition to beer, there was also plenty of wine here. Especially for the carriages, because back then, of course, there was no blood alcohol limit for driving a horse-drawn carriage. While the coachmen refueled inside, their horses meanwhile helped themselves to the pond on the square.

We are proud to be able to offer you something completely new, something quite different in this place with gastronomy steeped in history: an Austrian tapas restaurant. So to speak, the tavern of dishes in small format.

Small dishes, well done.

In the Feinkosterei you can taste more of everything. We serve all dishes in small format so that you don’t have to decide on a main course alone. Whether Viennese classics, such as the Wiener Schnitzel from veal. Or a selection of our roll creations with bread from Joseph Brot baked especially for us. Try it out and enjoy it!


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